• New Beginnings

    It is spring, and things are changing once again. One of my favorite parts is the light and how it energizes. This spring I am inspired to illustrate a tiny nook of a wild garden that has a window into another world. Hidden creatures surround us here too and all is in balance.
  • Here's To The Comedians

    This post has nothing to do with visual art.

    I want to express my eternal love for stand up comedians. I think their contribution to the quality of life is pretty serious.
  • The Joy of Experiencing a Good Work

    Whether it is a story, a meal, a song, or an illustration — I wanted to figure out what it was about the whole thing that made it so good for the recipient. Because this is a major part of what fuels me to create… giving something.
  • Staying Focused

    Distractions are everywhere! It's funny –
    It can be hard to be honest and commit to a more single-minded goal. This means letting go of a lot of other stuff, but it's absolutely essential in order to get the work done.
  • Rise to the Challenge

    Today's date marks 26 years since my father's passing. He was only 46 years old when he died and I was only 18. Rotten luck and rough terrain.
  • Trying new things

    When the time is right and it feels right after having thought about it, I love to move on a decision.

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