Distractions are everywhere! It's funny –

It can be hard to be honest and commit to a more single-minded goal. This means letting go of a lot of other stuff, but it's absolutely essential in order to get the work done.

Having patience can also be a challenge. There are no guarantees in anything really, so responsibility has to be taken for the good results as well as the bad.

What helps me is knowing that the pace doesn't have to be break-neck. I like to equate it to exercise – I'd rather do it more frequently with less intensity. Consistency is the key to solid effectiveness.

The art piece I chose for today's post is a good example of having patience and staying the course to finish. This one took three years for me to be fully satisfied. I started it with watercolor. Then I tried colored pencil. Then graphite that I colorized digitally. Finally, oil paint. Worth it though.

"Chakras" archival print was written by the fabulous Sandra Diamond and is available for $25.