This post has nothing to do with visual art.

I want to express my eternal love for stand up comedians. I think their contribution to the quality of life is pretty serious.

Think about it — it has never been easier to take oneself too seriously, to worry incessantly and give into the pressure of a complex life. But these guys still want to make people laugh and look for a more benign way of getting some attention.

There are days when I feel down in the dumps and throwing on some Gaffigan, Louis C. K., or Amy Schumer is just the ticket to cheering me up. If that’s not a contribution to well-being, then I don’t know what is.

Also, they have big brass ones. It takes real courage to not only come up with an original brand of comedy, but then deliver it to a crowd with no idea how it will be received. The need to express oneself honestly at risk of ridicule must hold a higher priority than feeling accepted and “safe”.

Maybe this does relate a little to the field of art – especially in the most wonderful sense of being a weirdo original person.

No matter what, keep laughing when you can!