Today's date marks 26 years since my father's passing. He was only 46 years old when he died and I was only 18. Rotten luck and rough terrain.

My mother hasn't been the same since; none of us have (I have one sister) as it was an incredible shock.

So, how to not become cynical when it seems as if you're in a race and been told to run through the swamp and make good time?

I decided to choose my perspective well and carefully. I don't always adhere to this because I'm human, but I do try. If I'm going slower than my peers, I try to "parent" and encourage myself. Even if I don't feel proud of my accomplishments, I am glad that I try and be decent to myself in the overall.

The art piece I chose to go with this post is called "Wings of Faith" because I think that no matter how scared, dejected, and fed up a person can feel, it's important to rise above and exercise healthly choices with whatever they have in them.

This action defines powerful character.

So I will not ask for a magic wand to force outside things around to my desires. I'll adjust myself and "take it in the teeth" where I have to and rebalance as I can. I'm alright with that.

Thanks for reading. Have a good one!

~ LP